Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Wow, a response!

How are you doing with shared users selecting which notifications they want? I want the notifications from my home cameras, but I don’t want the notifications from family members cameras.

Jeff Whitmire


That AMA reply is neither informative or encouraging. I’m really not understanding the complication. All that is needed is for there to be a “SD Card Access” check box when sharing. If it’s checked, the user gets access. If it’s not, they don’t. You could put a warning that prior recordings will be shared if you feel that’s necessary.

Families use your devices and can’t even get proper access to them if they are shared. This is an extremely basic expectation to have in a smart device. You’ve figured out how to design and release 3 new cameras and a gaming headset in the last couple of months. To pretend that this sharing issue is too complicated to overcome in 5 YEARS is inexcusable. You can do it but you’ve chosen not to.


User robberstea speaks for many of us.

Wyze hasn’t even published a good “work around” or third party patch. If it were possible to tweak some sort of IFTTT script or Amazon Alexa skill to somewhat partially address some of the concerns and usecases mentioned here, it might show the team cares. As is, I conclude they actually don’t.

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Caring… there in lies the problem

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Completely agree that the response finally is little more than an appeasement.

For the past couple years Wyze has started focusing on profits amd number of products more than customer satisfaction. Your “we have affordable products” will only get you so far.

The constant “maybe we will” attitude that then lets everything sit for years is getting old.

Something as simple as ultra important features like this should be top customer safety and satisfaction priorities… thus showing is your true colors as a non-customer satisfaction based company.

No Matter integration (with non-camera smarthome devices) yet. Can’t share cameras with family members like kids because of the like of ability to limit what they can do if given access, and the list goes on…

Get it together Wyze… my and others reluctance to buy into your complete smarthome Ecosystem will soon translate into us buying none of your products, including cameras… out patience is wearing thin.

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WyzeJasonJ, your reply seems a bit testy, with no justification. We have been patiently waiting for Wyse to provide the requested, required features and our patience is wearing thin. We are providing the most valuable thing we have to you for free, honest customer feedback. Listen or die.

The root of the problem is that you have provided an account with no concept of identity. Wyse can only identify an account, it has no idea that a person even exists. All the features in this list require an identity, and authentication of that identity. OAUTH paired with existing identity stores (Amazon, MS, Google) would do nicely as most people have at least one of those accounts, and those vendors are easy to work with. APIs are available. Understanding that, there is no way you can deliver the features we are asking for until you solve the identity issue. I am not sure you understand that.

UltraVegas gets close to the nub of the matter. No one is going to go all in with Wyze for whole home automation unless you solve this central issue. Identity is required for access management and you don’t have it. If you let Roku solve that problem for you, you will have sold the farm.

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The main complication is in the way the app was originally written, to make a lot of these fixes easy we need to rewrite the app and do not have the resources for a full rewrite currently.

The only workaround I am aware of is to have both users log into the same account.

I apologize for coming off that way, it was not meant to be.

As you say (and are probably correct) I may not understand the root of the problem, I am not a programmer. It has been explained to me that the current app has limitations and to solve this the app needs a rewrite. We do not currently have the resources to accomplish that.


but that “work around” breaks the geofencing features. so i have to choose between my wife being able to view playback or being able to have my thermostat and alarm system recognize when we come and go. just give everyone access to playback and have a pop-up disclaimer that they will have access to all videos before the share was granted. youre holding the majority hostage for the few

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And there lays the exact root of the problem and exactly what we are saying about Wyze’s non-commitment to bettering the products they do have… You say you do not currently have the resources for an app rewrite that would allow these changes… changes that have been lobbied for for years.

Wyze can commit resources to developing new products and even integrating those products into the app but they are unwilling to commit resources to better serving what many are asking for and rewriting the app to make such changes more easier to add or change.

This along with the continual delay in making your products more integrate able with other smarthome products, especially automation hubs like ST, HA, Homekit, etc is starting to push more and more customers away… especially those with decent knowledge of Smarthome technologies who are usually looked to by others for recommendations.

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Have one of the Wyze security architects call me and we can discuss.

I own a lock bolt and like the product and operation but your customers need better security and user account control just like these customers are asking for and Wyze’s failure in listening and acting will kill your business. I recently contemplated moving from my 5 Arlo cameras and doorbell to Wyze but this failure mentioned here swayed my opinion immediately. Arlo is more expensive hardware but the app works well and has the security and multi user ability your users want. I just spent over $600 with Arlo. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! They are very right in this case.


Although it would be nice if the forum mavens had the power or the ability to make the changes that have been suggested time and time again but they don’t they are merely a conduit between us and them referring to customers and company and I don’t think the company listens to them anymore than it does to us. I, like many others bought into the Wyze dream unfortunately it’s turned out to be more nightmare than dream they made a big splash but soon there will be nothing but a ripple in the water

Maybe we could start asking for this improvements on their Instagram account. It looks like they will just keep taking our money with their cameras, but ignoring us when we have issues.

Under the ability to share a camera with other Wyze users, it would be helpful to have the option of giving limited access instead of an “all or nothing” approach. What I mean by this is being able to decide if you want to provide access to playback, notifications, etc., or if you only want them to be able to view the live feed and nothing else.

The only thing I would add to that is having an option to “suspend” the sharing temporarily, as opposed to having to remove them from the camera and then rejoin at a later time. (This is useful when a camera has to be taken inside and recharged.)

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