Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I have shared the security with my wife and she accepted but she can not see the items that she has shared.

I would like for her to access, view & be able to change the security features.

Home Security system with three requests:

  1. Allow two different users access. I would like my wife to have access to our security system without signing in with the same account.

  2. Allow for multiple homes with the same sign in credentials. We have two homes and we would like to sign in with one user name and access either home 1 or home 2.

  3. Enable rules and IFTT with the home security system. I have several applications or functions I wish to perform with arm and disarm.

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Away to turn off notifications for shared cameras. I’m the shared user that sets up the rules that control some lights, but don’t want to get all the notifications. How do I turn them off without turning off the notification settings for the original owner?

Having a secondary contact for emergency purposes is a much-needed feature since the primary contact is not always available within a household. This will prevent many frustrations from users, Moonlight, and Wyze alike.


What happens if you have her log in to the Wyze app using your credentials? Can she control and have full access?

Yes this is upsetting being a new Home Monitoring user. I have a big household with multiple family members needling access to viewing, arming and disarming etc.

Please allow shared accounts to view playback from the SD card. My wife and I have 2 accounts because we both got a wyze watch and now, I am the only one who can view SD card video playback!

She can watch event videos, but sometimes those miss some of the action. Sometimes, we have to Sherlock Holmes the situation and see everything that happened.


Access to SD card recordings shouldn’t be a problem As obviously the camera has the ability to write to the SD card but needing to physically remove the card from the camera and then put it into a card reader to view content is ludicrous.

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I agree, SD card access is one thing that there is no reasonable reason wasn’t fixed earlier. I understand it was easily dismissed before because spouses could just share the same account credentials and everyone access it, but as soon as there were products like the scale or band a year ago that required separate accounts for spouses, sharing the same account was no longer a reasonable option.

Even when paying for cam plus, my wife doesn’t have access to all the cam plus events on our cams. For myself, my wife, and my daughters to be able to access the cam plus videos, we’d each separately have to pay for it for each individual account even though the upload to the cloud from the camera only needs to happen once. When we share a camera with family, we should be able to allow them access to the SD card playback and any cam plus cloud events we paid for on that cam without having to pay for cam plus on the same camera 4 times.

I am glad they are working on expanding role-based user permissions and I really look forward to that. I just hope they are making sure to include some things like SD access and Cam Plus events as options we can finally give access to.


Currently, a shared user is allowed to turn off a camera but is not allowed to preview SD card recordings.

We have 14 cameras in which we wish to share with community members who help us maintain security at our clubhouse.

A shared user in our case should not be allowed to turn off the cameras, but we would like for them to be able to preview the SD card video and events.

Worse still is the fact that if a shared user turns off the camera and turns it back on, the motion detection settings are disabled! This can go undetected for quite some time.

I would like to propose an option under sharing to either grant or deny administrative functions from shared users and allow shared users to preview recorded video from the SD card.

Optionally, if this is not feasible, I would like the ability to use an IFTTT function to query the motion detection / notification settings in order to effect automated recovery should someone inadvertently turn off a camera.


Unrealistic recommendation! A user should not have to install multiple cameras to provide admin access to multiple users. Wyze needs to refine the admin and user status in the shared devices area.

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Any idea when the HMS app will be available for multiple uses (spouse and other family members)?
Also, need to know if a second emergency contact number could be added in case I am unable to answer my phone.

USA1000 assesses my idea. Unrealistic recommendation!

Well, yes. But selling more cameras would be good for WYZE, if not for the users who have been hoping for role-based user access since the Cam v1.0 was released. We got lightbulbs and vacuum cleaners and other hardware since then, but not access management tools over the software. One is tempted to draw inferences about the Wyze team’s sense of priorities.

As it happens, the local WalMart had the Chamberlain “MyQ” smart home garage door hub and sensor device on clearance yesterday at a 75% discount, So I went for it.

I note that base functionality allows the original owner to share control over the smart device (which controls entry access to the garage and therefore the home) to other users, via email ID. A new user might be categorized as a “co-owner” or a “family member” or a “friend.” Designed right in, out of the box.

As the rooster told his hens when he brought to the coop and showed them all an ostrich egg – “I don’t intend to complain, but I do think you all should become very aware of the work being done elsewhere.”

There is a table of proposed permission features posted from the WyzeMark team, near the top of this thread from November of 2018. Not a perfect approach, but better than what we (still don’t) have now. Anybody from Wyze care to update us about the status of that long-planned upgrade? From roughly the same time a forum moderator, “Loki” revealed that the status of managing shared permissions was, that year, 2018, not a high priority. Has the company philosophy changed at all in the past two years?


I have various Wyze cameras/devices. Some are shared with me, some are part of my account but are for family members that I shared it with, like the one for my mother-in-law who watches her grandmother.

It would be great if we add the ability to disable notifications per user. The way it is currently set up, only the main user/owner of the device has the ability to disable/enable notifications. I know I can disable notifications altogether via the phone’s OS, but I would still like to receive some notifications for some cameras/devices, however, for those devices, I do own, I do not want to disable notifications for those who it is shared with, but I would not like them myself.

I hope that makes sense.

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I want to say overall I thing the functionality in the app is good but I see at the beginning of this topic that it was not a high priority. I am disappointed that going on 2 and a half years later I don’t see any progress on the beginning to offers some features in this area. It seems to me that the community voice of suggestions is not being “heard” and that is disappointing.


I like the approach of your post and 2nd your opinion.

This feature was available to my wife for one day recently. She could finally scroll through videos to check on my Dad when we had a visitor. They should just turn on this one feature now because it seems like it’s the most common request for permissions. Share SD Card could be a checkmark. Done. Then move on to the rest of the permission matrix. A minimum viable feature like this seems like low-hanging fruit with much customer satisfaction.

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When SHARING a Cam with another - SOUND OFF & ON should not be controllable by a person you shared a cam with.

Allowing the person who you share a cam with to turn the sound (microphone) off and on could be a huge invasion of privacy, allowing another to listen to your home conversations.

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I am glad others are adding to this post but I don’t have a sense that this feature / concern is going to be addressed anytime soon. I would be thrilled to be proved wrong on my opinion.

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