Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I would like to be able to share a wyze cam with my family, but I also want all of them to be able to view the playback from the SD card if there is a way to do this let me know!

It would be really nice if there was a way for the person your sharing a cam with to view the playback from it. Possibly a higher sharing level or be able to use the wyze scale for different people on the same

Is it possible to disable notifications from a shared device and not disable it for the owner?

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Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible at the time. It would be very nice to have that option though!

We have 31 Wyze cams in a few locations. If it weren’t for Wyze, we would not be able to do this. We are in El Salvador, and apart from “normal” reasons we are in a tight lockdown since mid march and they are VERY useful.

I’ve shared some of them with people, and I just ran into a situation where one of them had been turned off by accident by someone else.

I have seen other threads
Heads up! - security risk on shared wyze cameras in which many people suggest not sharing with people you don’t trust BUT- what if the person just doesn’t know they’re turning the camera OFF?

So- suggestion, and I think either could work:
a) Preferred- disallow “shared” users from being able to turn off your cameras (and event recording for that matter).
b) Log every time someone turns off a camera- timestamped with the user name.

Thanks for any input or advances with this!


Hi Jon,

The simplest way I have found to provide view-only cam access is to do what recommended and use a $3.99 Android app called “tinyCam Pro”. Many thanks Angus!!

You can test the concept using almost any Android device you have handy before buying the Android TV box for long term running. You can set up all cams in all locations from your one location. The Wyze cam stock firmware and 2 Factor Authentication work fine.

Android TV boxes can run quite hot, so I strapped ours to the top of a cheap USB router cooling fan:

Naturally, any cloud solution carries some security risks, which are discussed by the tinyCam developer, @alexey.vasilyev in this thread:

My conclusion has been to use the cloud for outdoor cameras only.

Setup is straightforward and we have had no problems - but we don’t have 31 cams… :wink:

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Is there a way to see a view history? By
veiw history I mean a log of when shared users have viewed a device.

Would be nice to have a log of which cameras have been recently viewed remotely, by who and when.

In Events I have a Playback button that shows the recorded video at the time of the event.

I have shared the camera to my wife but she does not have a Playback capability. She gets a message that says something like it is not possible. Is there a reason she cannot have this capability?

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She has to sign in with your login/password in order to see playback. It just how they set up sharing, no technical reason that I know of.

Thanks. It seems to me it should be a good option if I, as the administrator, grant it to the others. It can’t be all that you can’t be all that complicated since the capability already exists for the administrator.


This is a slightly bigger issue now. We got around it by sharing an account login, but with the band and the scale, you need to have your own account for them to track your data. I would be fine with the ability to just assign multiple owners, if that’s easier to implement. But a checklist of user permissions, would give more flexibility.

I’m quite frustrated that my wife (shared account) cannot view the playback of the recordings. Huge missing feature! Without this, I’m going to have to return the cameras as that was their entire purpose.


I agree. Before my wife was logging in as me but since we got the Scale and the Band we have had to create her own account. I’m really disappointed Wyze hasn’t figured a way to give multiple users full admin rights. I’ve got over 20 wyze products. Please fix this wyze!


Why aren’t you both using the same account? Scsle and/or band?

Because it’s my “account” and thus my MFA/2FA. She cannot authenticate MFA/2FA as me and vice versa.


Here’s a workaround you may find useful.

As long as you stay logged into the app, you only have to 2FA once per device, and it looks like you are using an Android device, so maybe give “tinyCam Monitor FREE” a try.

Gather up your devices and install tinyCam Free and the Wyze app and 2FA all of them at once and you’re good to go.

tinyCam will not allow you to view or download the entire Playback stream from your SDcard if you have them installed, ~BUT~ it will allow you to easily view all of your cams ~AND~ all of your recorded clips saved by Wyze for each cam. :smiley:

So can use tinyCam Free for cam and clip viewing for both of you, and the Wyze app for managing and adjusting the cams and interacting with other Wyze items.

It’s quite simple to set up and there are plenty of YouTube how-to videos about tinyCam. Instructions are basically the same for Pro and Free, so videos on either will be informative, but you only need the Free version for what we’re talking about.

(Caveat - I am in no way associated with tinyCam, but it has transformed the the usefulness of my Wyze cams for the better. :smiley: Also, I do not own a Wyze band or scale, so I am not versed on the subtleties of working with them.)

Has there been an update in regards to admin and guests privileges?

No there hasn’t, other than what you read in this thread. When it moves out of the research phase, this topic will move from the #wishlist to the #roadmap.

How to Use the Wishlist
How to Read the Roadmap

Did u receive an update on this? Wondering if my husband and I should just add devices to our own accounts separate instead of sharing?

Unfortunately a camera can be added to only one account at a time currently. :frowning_face:

Setting different alerts for different people viewing the same camera is still a huge request though. If you have not done so yet, you can help encourage Wyze to develop this feature by voting for this request at the top of this topic page.

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