Multiple Cameras In The Home - Internet Access

Like many on here, I was having trouble accessing my new Wyze Cam Pan outside of my network. When I was on the same router, it was fine, but as soon as I left my network I could no longer access the camera.

I saw a post about opening ports (yes, my router has a firewall). Rather than opening the ports, I set the camera up on the DMZ and voila - I could access the camera outside my network. So I was thinking about purchasing several more cameras, but I’m confused at how I would access these cameras off-network.

I can only setup a single IP to be DMZ, right?

So how can I access multiple cameras in the home while I am on the internet?

Thanks for your help!

DMZ limitation depends on your router. If I wanted to I could set up hundreds, thousands but I’m not using consumer grade routers.

MOST consumer grade routers handle related connections quite well. Related connections are connections that are initiated by a device inside the network and result in data coming back from the internet. This would include Wyze camera connections. Some people have reported external connection problems and from what I have read here, most are able to solve the problem by opening the requested ports. I would suggest that you manually open the needed ports.