Disabling Internet Access to Cam?


Just bought a wyze pan and am setting up. One feature that I am not quite comfortable is that, I can access to my cam at home (behind router) when my phone is on cellular… I have disabled UPnP on my router so I am not expecting this happening.

To clarify, I do want the feature of accessing my cam at home from external network like internet. But I would rather set this feature up by myself than off-handing this to other people like wyze. Anyway I can disable this?


A cam requires a connection to Wyze to start up, so no, you can’t really disable Internet access. Turning off uPnP is a good idea if you aren’t using it, but it will have no effect on the operation of the cam.

The way the cam works is point-to-point inside your house after you are authorized by the Wyze servers. When you access from outside your house you are accessing the Wyze servers for a connection to your cam. You don’t talk directly to the cam from outside your house.

In general only someone with your user ID and password, or someone you share the cam with, will have access to your cam. Of course there is always a possibility of hacks, but that is another discussion – for almost everything in your house.