Mountain lion caught a mouse in backyard

This looks like a mountain lion to me, let me know if you think otherwise.
Also, should I report this animal?
Video uploaded on my drive Cat - Google Drive

Happened at midnight right before going to sleep


Where do you live? How high is that fence? I ask to have a reasonable idea of what wildlife is in your area and to have a sense of scale.

At first glance, it looks to be perhaps 35 pounds (based solely of similar videos that I have captured of coyotes and bobcats). A fully grown mountain lion will generally be over 100 pounds and prefers to hunt much bigger meals.

I live outside of Tucson, where the only reason to report a mountain lion is if it is currently chewing on someone.

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That is a big cat and it caught something. It was carrying it in its mouth. :flushed:

I think it is a large domestic cat. Coloring and size don’t look like a mountain lion. It would help to know the hight of your fence.

I just double checked, Definitely not a mountain Lion.
Looks like it is a very big strong cat that grabbed a mouse (so I need to give her a medal). My traps didnt work.


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