Motion tagging not showing in alerts

I’m getting alerts but the motion tagging is not showing up in the recorded video so I have no idea what its alerting me too (nothing obvious, guessing its shadows from the trees blowing). I double checked in live video that motion tagging was green on both cameras. Any ideas on how to reset it and get it to show back up? I don’t know if it shows in live video, but could check if needed.

Hello @EmailToad Welcome to the community. Just to make sure I understand you correctly, take a look at the screenshot below. Is the motion tagging turned on here?

Motion Tagging Toggle On/OFF


It is green like in the pic. I assume that means on, correct?

Yes, green is on. If yours is green, it should show motion tagging in the videos.

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do you by chance have a limited detection zone set?

if all else fails, try the old turn it off and on again and go trigger your camera.


Yes, motion tagging will only show up inside your detection zone.

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So a few delivery vehicles showed up after I posted this and I’m seeing the motion tagging now. Not sure what wind/breeze/bug was setting it off that wasn’t showing the tag, but oh well. It is working enough. If I keep getting false positives I’ll bump up… bump down? the sensitivity.

Thanks for the replies!


if your getting false positives I would move the detection zone if its something like leaves on a tree or traffic setting it off.

if its being set of by shadows or clouds, adjusting your sensitivity down would be your best bet.

if you are still getting a lot of false positives and dont use person detection I would say go with a Wyze motion sensor ( although I “don’t condone” their use outside as they are not specificity made for it. :wink:


Hi EmailToad

This line from the Wyze help section:

Tagging sensitivity is fixed and not related to the user-determined Event Recording Detection Settings sensitivity.

is key to understanding when you can expect the green box to appear.

The line is distilled from this post I made back in April:

Check it out and let us know if it helps or just muddies the water further. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, motion tagging definitely has a mind of its own. I often see it green tag rain running off my roof without the corresponding camera recording an event. I also see cameras triggering when there is no green box, likely because it was so short an event. In my case, those often are because a windy branch of a tree dropped into my detection zone for a fraction of a second.

The rules for motion tagging are different that those for triggering the camera. It isn’t just a matter of a certain sensitivity – the motion detection sensitivity of my camera that shows a green box for rain running off the roof without triggering the camera is set to 80%. So if motion tagging was fixed at 50%, a more sensitive camera should have recorded an event. Instead I get a fairly constant motion box with no corresponding trigger of the camera.

I don’t know all the rules for motion tagging, but I firmly believe duration of the event is one of them.


Verrry interesting. Thanks, Newshound

In my case it was very consistent (as I described) with people, animals and headlights crossing narrow detection zones on two different cams focused from 30 and 80 feet at night in color illuminated by street lights.

I watched a *-ton of these events and logged a lot of them, troubleshooting detection discrepancies between “cloud-clip” and SD event recording.