Motion Sensor - scheduling

I just got the motion sensor. Trying to set it up in the kids’ room to only come on at night when he/she walks in. There’s no scheduling as in the cam. Apologies but haven’t found any thread on this yet here so asking.

I have looked into IFTTT but there isn’t a way to set this up. Unfortunately Wyze doesn’t yet connect to my Smarthings to do the automation also.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

You might be able to achieve the desired scheduled time using shortcuts in the app.

Also, you may wish to vote for smartthings integration.

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ifttt & together can do what u want. I use my motion sensors to both trigger an alarm siren and also turn on the lights in the room, but only on independent schedules of my choosing. I manually arm the security alarm with an ifttt button widget on my phone, but the lights are on an automated dusk to dawn schedule for my zipcode.

If you are using smartthings you can also set it up in IFTTT and have it worked in smartthings using WebCore

Do you have any screenshots? I’m trying to figure out apilio and it’s beyond me.

here are some instructions assuming you have philips hue lights, but any ecosystem supported by ifttt will work by substitution in step 2:

  1. configure ifttt webhooks and activate your key

  2. create ifttt applet to turn on your lights
    trigger: webhooks named ‘lamp_on’
    action: philips hue turn on light

  3. add ifttt webhooks key to apilio account under user profile settings

  4. create apilio boolean variable named ‘nighttime’ and note urls for true & false under properties
    initial value: false

  5. create ifttt applet to send a web request at sunset
    trigger: weather underground sunset
    action: webhooks url from ‘nighttime’ = true

  6. create ifttt applet to send a web request at sunrise
    trigger: weather underground sunrise
    action: webhooks url from ‘nighttime’ = false

  7. create apilio condition named ‘nighttime_state’ and link to boolean variable ‘nighttime’
    required state: true

  8. create apilio logicblock named ‘light_triggered’ and link to condition ‘nighttime_state’ with default settings. note the evaluation trigger url under properties. a single logicblock can trigger multiple lights (ifttt applets)
    actions for positive result: ‘lamp_on’

  9. create ifttt applet to trigger lights with motion
    trigger: wyze motion detected
    action; webhooks url from ‘light_triggered’ evaluation trigger

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Thanks for the guide! I got it to work but found an inherent flaw. Because we are relying on an internet system and not a local network, there’s a delay. I found that when I walk into a room, the sensor picks me up, the light turns on which then runs everything in Apilio. The problem is that it takes a couple seconds to do that. So after they light “accidentally” comes on it takes 1-2 seconds for the system to catch up and turn it back off. Looks like I’ll need to wait for either IFTTT or wyze app support.

yes, there’s a considerable delay, but are you referring to something else when you say something is flawed? are you trying to do presence detection and turn off the lights when motion clears? you might come close, but you’ll never get it perfect. most satisfactory application would be to turn off lights across the board after a certain hour so they don’t stay on all night.

Nothing is flawed it’s just a “flaw” in the plan. The delay make it imperfect for my needs, but so close.

I have motion triggers setup for each bulb. The only way for me to manually turn them off would be to flip the switch within IFTTT which is not convenient at all. The next best thing would be to just flip off the master power switch on the wall in each room. That is likely what we will have to do for the time being.