Motion sensing of trees

Our camera is in a window with view of roadway and driveway. The camera is busy all the time because of the motion of trees and flags in our yard. I’ve lessened the sensitivity but then it doesn’t pick up on passing cars…Just wondering if a way for the program to interpret tree movement and to disregard it.

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I just installed a pan cam and I had to disable motion tracking because of it going crazy on the trees instead of panning through the backyard. I reduced the sensitivity to min, yet it is going crazy on trees.

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The only way I got the alerts reduced was to change the detection zone.

I have more problems with shadows.

How does detection zone work in pan cam. I have 4 way points defined. Every way point has its own detection zone, but doesn’t look like the app supports it.

I am sorry. I only have standard cams.

Hopefully someone else can chime in.

You want passing cars?

One possibility would be to install a motion sensor. They are better at triggering on objects with heat, but you definitely have to be careful how you place them. For me, I don’t want passing cars, so I mounted it high over my front door where the overhang over the front door blocks its view of the street. I also turn it to the left 30 degrees or so to keep it from picking up the neighbor’s dog & kids. It still sees my car exit the garage, tho.


I’ve been thinking of getting a motion detector but the sidewalk from the driveway to front door is lined with plants that set off the motion sensors in the camera through the window. I’m guessing they’ll do the same if I mount above the door. Are we able to set the angle of view for the motion sensors?

How Motion Detection Works

Wyze Cams detects motion by using a pixel comparison algorithm. The algorithm compares frames from the video footage and checks if the pixels have changed between the two frames. Movement is defined by large clusters of pixels changing in this time.

Example: Smaller objects moving close to the camera are more likely to change enough pixels to generate an event video then if they were far away and a strong wind can move your foliage enough to change the necessary percentage of pixels.

The plants shouldn’t set off a Wyze Sense Passive IR (PIR) Motion detector. That might actually be a place to use one. Obviously the pixel motion detection of a camera will go nuts with moving plants. So you have the PIR motion detector trigger the camera instead.

My front door PIR sensor is actually just sitting on top of my cedar trim above the door, so I can easily turn it one way or the other. There are lots of ways to mount one of these little lightweight plastic sensors, some of which are detailed in the Tip & Tricks section.

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Thanks for all the information. Sounds like the separate motion detector is what I need.