More than one Wyze watch per account

I bought two of the Wyze watches for my boyfriend and I and I cannot connect his because it says you are only allowed one watch per account. But why would he need his own account when we all utilize all of the same lights and plugs…

Can I really not add two watches?

Welcome @kaylee.alexa!
Currently only one of each size watch can be paired to one Wyze account. You can create another account on a separate device for the other watch and share the Wyze products with the other user.
You may want to take a look at this #wishlist item:

My fiancee and I have our own accounts, all the cameras, plugs, and bulbs are on my account and I share them with him so he can see them in his account. I also have a band on my account.

He has a band and headphones on his account, and can control all of the stuff I’ve shared with him without issue.

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