More obvious visual contrast between viewed and new Event notifications in Wyze App

The current color scheme in Wyze App for viewed Event notifications and new ones are very similar that it is hard to tell which ones I’ve already viewed and ones that are new or haven’t been viewed. If there are only a handful of notifications, then it’s not an issue but once there are tons of notifications then it is hard to distinguish between the viewed and new/unread notifications. Perhaps if the color scheme can not be changed, maybe the new/unread notifications can be displayed with a blue (or a colored) dot so that it can be easily distinguishable.

Let’s face it, the Wyze color scheme is horrible. Almost everything is very low contrast and hard to read (especially if you’re over 50 or so). This is just one example. I would love to see a complete color scheme re-write, but I expect it will never happen.
You have my vote.

Use better color coding on Events tab for recordings viewed, not viewed, saved, etc. The white/gray is too subtle.