Notification symbol change color

I wish the notification symbol in the Wyze application would change to red when enabled and Green when disabled. In this manner, it would be easier and quicker to identify its current state.

The bell icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen? I’m not sure I’d like red/green aesthetically given the app’s color scheme. But I think it could be improved by making it a bit larger and make is solid filled when on, and open with a slash when off (as is currently).

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Honestly, I’m having to keep iPhone’s zoom feature enabled just for this app!

Anything that will make it easier to determine if it’s enabled or disabled.

lol, I just noticed the icons at the bottom of the main page change color if they are active.

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Check out " Design Finger-friendly Tap-targets"

The GUI works okayish on my iPad, but on my phone screen I struggle to read the white on green text in bright daylight, and I can hardly see without reading glasses, if the notification is on or off (thin strike-through).
I know it’s pretty, but I would appreciate a bit more user-friendly design and typography. Key functions or status warnings like ‘notifications on/off’ should be obvious…

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I agree that the notification bell on the home screen is very hard to see and having a slider colored red or something similar would’ be very helpful.