More efficient app layout

The current app layout does not allow easy access to more than a couple short-cut rules, and is not efficient for accessing more than a few devices.

It would be great to have “rules”, “devices”, and “favourites” tabs (and the ability to choose which is the default when opening the app). Within each, it would be nice to have a grid layout rather than a simple list, so we can see more without having to scroll.

For example, if I have two or three rooms with Wyze lighting, and I have 3-4 mood scenes for each, that is a lot of shortcut rules, which would be tedious to scroll through in the tiny piece of real estate allowed for shortcuts in the app.

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I only have one or two Wyze rules but I’m all for more clarity and organization. I’m more familiar with Alexa routines and that’s no picnic either. Tasks are either (a) trivial, (b) grindingly tedious, or (c) completely impossible to compose.

There is plenty of room for improvement from the current state of the art, is what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

Came here to make this suggestion (although yours sounds more thorough) I made a mock-up of what what some of the changes could look like: