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Can someone tell me where the microphone is located on the V1 camera? I’d like to disable it, as I have it set up in my office, and don’t want sound to transmit. I thought it was the little hole in the front face-plate, and I put a piece of tape over it, but that didn’t do it. Is it in the back with the speaker?

Any help would be appreciated. Also, Wyze, maybe a new firmware to turn it off?

Thanks all.

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Hi tbates! Here’s where the microphone is (see attached image). However, taping it might muffle some of the audio but unlikely to totally prevent recording of audio at this point.

Turning off the microphone is something we’re looking to implement in the future.


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Thanks. That must be some strong mic! I have a thick sticker over it, and you can still make out conversation in my office. I couldn’t believe that that was the only mic location.

I appreciate the response.



You’re welcome! Technically if you look at the bottom of the camera it’s a mesh design of sorts so the microphone can probably still pick up audio through there. I wouldn’t recommend sealing that as you’d need it to cool the camera. Recording without audio will be on the list for our future update.

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Has the ability to shut off the microphone been created yet?


Disabling of recording of audio has been implemented. However, disabling the microphone entirely has not. You can vote for that feature at the post linked below. Make sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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Some sound “leaks” through the bottom of the camera where the air vents are located. The electret condenser mic is pretty sensitive. You will still be able to be heard in close proximity to the camera even with tape over the pinhole on the front of the camera bezel. If you’re talking top secret simply turn off the camera during those discussions. Not ideal but better than the current alternatives. At least until they provide a software fix. Even with a software fix you might consider what Edward Snowden had to say about NSA-CIA covert camera access.

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This is nuts. After listening to what the mic is able to pick up im considering ditching my cams. It’s otherwise a great product but this is a deal killer. What the h.,! Im sure youre aware of the widespread negative news coversge of people hacking the sound on family web cams. This should move to the too of the list of needed updates.
I have voted but im sure if all users were actually aware if this situation you would be flooded with complaints.

Some folks have opened up the camera and snippets the wires to the mic. You can find video instructions on YouTube. It does, however, void the warranty.