Meet Wyze Cam Pan v2 - Now in Color Night Vision

Just great, yet another Wyze product that will have buggy software and lack good customer support.

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Don’t worry, the end price will more than $37.99 with tax and their outrageous shipping cost.


I’m getting some of these.

Here’s my analysis of great improvements from the launch page (description, FAQ’s, etc):

  • I love the Starlight sensor! (better clarity, lighting, etc)
  • FAQ says more processing power
  • FAQ says improved motion tracking
  • Love the mini-siren!
  • Mini-Siren Feature - Use the improved speaker as a siren to warn away intruders (and pesky squirrels) with a loud sound. Control the siren from the Wyze app.

I acknowledge that some people still use and want the USB-A access for the old sensor bridges, though I personally tried a bridge on my V1 pan, and decided it was much better to keep those on a V2 instead. It made my pan overheat sometimes and act a little glitchy, and I found the bridges on the V2’s kept my sensors working better, I can only guess this was from the extra strain it caused the pan (which needed more power than a V2). Also, everything in this post is just my personal opinion. I always recommended people use a V2 for bridges instead after my tests. Since Wyze is moving sensors to all work better on a standalone hub, I think removing the USB-A port is a positive improvement and I’ll explain a little why I say this. I mentioned this in another thread, but I think the back of the new pan cam is pretty cool without the USB-A port. From the launch pictures:


I am guessing this new design will improve the sound, the air-flow cooling, & reduces the extra strain (memory, firmware space, processor, etc that were all needed for the extra USB-A stuff) and this keeps the power better. I really think this is a positive upgrade that should help with improved cooling and sound, and it looks cool!

I know there were some hopes this would be IP rated for outdoor use (I had hopes for this myself), and maybe that will come in a future version. The regular Wyze Cam had the first 2 versions not outdoor rated either, but there are affordable 3rd party casings we can buy if that is something strongly desired. Some of them even look like cool birdhouses and we can get them in other colors (including all black). :slight_smile: So not too big of a deal to me, since I can just add this for the ones I want outdoors. I might do that for at least one of mine.

Thanks Wyze. Based on the AMA answers this summer I didn’t expect these would be launching for a while longer because of the chip shortage. I am very pleased these came out sooner than I expected, with some decent improvements I’m excited about. :slight_smile: I’m in a for a couple.


I ordered 3, in the end they were about $40.48 each with Tax for my area and shipping fees (already tracking for delivery early next week)

I also got a 10% discount since my order was 99 dollars or more.

Not outrageous in my opinion. Considering I paid $37.98 (minus tax and shipping) for the V1 version in Aug of 2019. It has also been mounted outdoors and still works great.


Not worried, I ordered some. I get these products to perform some testing for Wyze as I joined the Beta Testing for the products. I don’t have a concern with the Shipping as I also know they are trying to figure out the best process to get the products out efficiently and without any surprises. I have been through different methods with this.

I also support family members and others with these products, so I like staying on top of what they have to offer and what the changes are.


I have the original Pan that I used mostly to monitor indoors, & only sporadically rotated it to look outdoors.

When the Wyze Cam V3 came out, I retired the original Pan since the V3 has MUCH superior low-light performance. Now that the Wyze Cam Pan v2 is out, I’m wondering if it’s as good as the fixed Wyze Cam V3, but with the added capability to pan??




Yup! Wyze Cam Pan v2 has the Starlight Sensor like Wyze Cam v3 to give it that amazing low-light performance. Sounds like you’d enjoy this product, AlanKaf! :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll just keep the old Pan Cam, as it works well enough. What frustrates me is that I bought into the Wyze Sense concept, bought a bunch of sensors, and created tons of animations with them throughout the house. They aren’t expensive, and it’s been fun setting up routines to play soothing music in the bathroom when the toilet is occupied, and other more utilitarian things, but it looks like things are being phased out. There are none of the old sensors in stock, so unless they plan on ordering more, which I doubt, I won’t be able to replace sensors that go bad, and now their new products don’t support the Wyze Sense. It’s frustrating because I’ve supported Wyze, I haven’t complained about the occasional glitches because they’re an up and coming company and they’re offering products at low prices. But I don’t like when they aren’t supporting products just a couple years after they’re introduced and we buy into them. Sorry for the rant. I’m just disappointed.


We’re sorry, Bill. There was a major issue with the original sensors where they’ll lose their MAC if they run out of battery so that line was discontinued in favor of the more stable Wyze Sense v2 (the one with Wyze Home Monitoring). We understand your frustration with this.

Actually, they do. The new Sense Hub supports both the updated V2 sensors and the old V1 sensors. All your old automatons will continue to work as they always have. Plus the new hub works with the Home Monitoring System, and many new sensors that didn’t exist before, like temperature & water sensors.


What happen with shipping included in wyze prior announcement for your products? Remember that statement!


I would totally be down with wyze sense v2 if it did not require a subscription to home monitoring. To me, that sort of defeats the purpose of wyze scalability - affordable DIY solutions. Nor do I want to endow some 3rd-party with detailed knowledge of my comings & goings. There’s already too much of that in big tech.

I have become quite adept at managing wyze sense v1 and even keep a small cache of spare parts on hand. Not sure if there was an engineering reason to remove the USB-A port or not, but that is a deal-breaker for me at present.


I don’t want to defend, but I see a contrarian view.

Like you and most every other user, the Home Monitoring Requirement to buy a Sense starter kit is problematic in my mind too. They say that is because of the shortages of components, so what they can get goes to the highest-priority systems first. They say that will change when components become more widely available. Like you, I hope that’s true.

But removing the USB port is separate. There is no need for it in the future, and you should already have what you need for existing setups. So why add cost?


And for those that need just use a USB splitter with appropriate adapters.
/edit - I also am disappointed that it’s not IP 65 or better.

I didn’t realize the Wyze Sense would work without being plugged into the camera. I assumed that the camera port was needed for more than just power.

Yep, looks like that’s done with…at least that’s what I’m seeing. By my calculations, this change is saving us money.

Hmmm. Think this is the first time I have ever read that Wyze admits there was a major issue with the original V1 sensors.

I’ve lost several since the V1 sensors first came out. And I found it was easier (and less Customer Service hassle) to just buy some extras (which I still have, new in box) to replace those V1 that fail. And they will fail.

Seems like WYZE should now offer some kind of “stand alone” availability and price break for a hub and V2 sensors for those who paid for and still use the original V1 sensor.

Particularly since Wyze now admits there was a “major issue” with the V1 sensors.

I realize the warranty has long since run out. But a defective product is a defective product. And any product that loses its MAC address seems like a major, major issue. There was no way to revive a V1 sensor … due to this major issue.


I ordered three of the new Pan cams yesterday. I was primarily looking for the Starlight sensor. I’ve had an original Pan cam outside in the elements for several months in the silicon outdoor sleeve with a pitched roof. Triple digit heat and thunderstorms. Works just as well as the Pan I’ve kept indoors. Hoping the Pan V2 has similar results.


Do you have a link for that sleeve?

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Sending you a DM

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