MASSIVE pings/queries over DNS to

Because the absolutely insane levels of DNS queries fill up my firewall’s logs to the tune of 70gigs. By reference, the next top talker is in the hundred megs. I’m not blocking the traffic - this is just fundamentally broken, and people who don’t have a setup for which they can see this happening, are simply unaware.

any updates on this? I’m still seeing a huge amount of traffic to

How are things now for you @jasuer?

I have pi-hole, and 18 active cameras,
Two v3s, one Pan v2, and the rest V3Pros.
I only have 1700 hits to in last 24 hours.
I am running the latest beta firmware on all.

I’m late to the party but I just opened a ticket with Wyze on this issue. I noticed my outdoor base was doing a dns query for every 14 seconds. None of my other cameras do this (V2/V3/Pan). Whatever it is isn’t fixed in the base.
(I also use pihole)