MASSIVE pings/queries over DNS to

yeah - that seems right. Must be something “serious” (or they don’t want to fix it) - in all this time, I’ve seen no beta that is addressing this issue.

@WyzeJasonJ any update on this? Do you have a ticket number for this issue, is there somewhere we can register to track the progress? Does anyone need additional logs?

I know they are working on it, they have not asked for any new logs. I will check in with them today on the status of this fix and see if I can get you an update.

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I’ve also noticed this recently. Wyzecam V3, newest firmware. 1.4M queries to google in a 12 hour period according to my DNS logs.

I have a bunch of V2 cameras as well; no issues. Only my V3 is having this issue. I sent logs along via the iOS app.

any updates on this? I have two wyze plugs. One is doing it.

Both are on the latest firmware

I’m at 93 million over the past 90 days ~! million a day on the one plug. The other is fine.


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Hi Jason - I’ve been waiting over 9 months for a fix for this. The excessive DNS requests to Google are killing my network. Can we please get a resolution?

Can you tell me what type of cam this is happening on and what firmware and app version you are using?

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I’m not sure about the others - but I can absolutely tell you (since I started this thread), I have always been on the latest firmware and app - and still am. Happens on V3 Wyze cams. Some indicate that this also happens on the Wyze plugs - but I haven’t seen that.

This has already been acknowledged by Wyze support/staff as a known problem, and if you try to create a ticket on it - it is shut down almost immediately because “it’s a known issue”. No one ever gets back to you, your ticket won’t remain open so you can even beta test anything.

I have to keep my wyze cams (v3) unplugged because of this. It’s been months. The DNS spam was filling up my Opnsense firewall’s logs (to the tune of 70 gigabytes). WHEN will the fix come???

The silence is deafening??? This is not a localized issues to certain users, it just certain users are being able to report on it.

Status update, please!

Wyze??? Update please? I haven’t used my cams in MONTHS because of this. Surely someone has a clue what’s going on?

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@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeTeam any update?

I haven’t seen any further issues since updating the WyzeCamv3 firmware versions to however i’m just now updating both devices to the latest and greatest beta version to begin testing that.

I’m not sure if resetting the cams would help with this, or if there’s alternative / 3rd party firmware that might be more stable. No clue… we just started unplugging devices when it happened, which is hardly a solution. All signs point to firmware being the problem child.

One of my standard questions. Are you blocking the queries?

I do not have updates, but I asked about this the other day when I saw some more posts about it. When I get an update I will let you know. Another thing you could do is email and let them know it is happening.


Same issue here.

A reboot often fixes whichever offending camera happens to be on the fritz, for a while at least.

It isn’t the same camera, or just the V3s, all of my cameras have had this happen at one point or many, many others…

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This is silly…

Why is this so hard to bring attention to? It’s been forever, I can’t use my cameras, and I won’t buy more until it’s resolved.

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Bumping, so I can know when I’m able to use my cameras again. Thank you.

And why do you think you can’t use the cameras?

As I asked earlier (so someone else), are you blocking the DNS queries? If yes, that has a lot to do with why the cameras keep trying…