Mandatory update, really?

I’ve been quiet here, tolerant of problems, expecting not perfection.

A short while ago I got a notification of something that should not have been on my yard. What else would I do? I want to look at the recording, the recording FOR WHICH I PAY to see if I need to get law enforcement involved. What do I get?

Seriously? I can’t view the recorded incident on my camera while alone in my house until I upgrade my firmware?? I’m tapping furiously on any part of the screen but nothing I do will dismiss this notification to upgrade and allow me to view exactly what it was that triggered the alarm.

Thanks Wyze. Thankfully it was nothing of importance, no thanks to you if it were the opposite.

No excuse, simply none.


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Your sentiment is shared by many. There is an ongoing discussion of the same, with many users contributing their thoughts and feelings, in the following thread:

Got to patch those security holes before they go zero day

Happened to me too. No other option than to accept it.

I didn’t want to update right then vs doing it before I go to bed. I wanted to check on my cat house camera. Make sure my ferals were okay.