Make App highlight a shortcut button that is currently activated

Actions, such as “Turn Off Notification” or “Turn Off Camera” create a state. The camera is on or off, notifications are sent or not. This is what we ask for. Is the state we put our camera in active. And if we create short cuts that “mute” the camera or “unmute” the camera how are we to know which state the camera is in?

A shortcut is a subset of a rule in the Wyze app. As are schedule and Device Trigger.

Highlight active rule

I like the app and it works well with the devices I have. However, I’d like to suggest that the icon for the active rule change to a darker colour. At present, the only way to be sure the correct rule is being applied is to click on the icon again. For example, I am at home at present but both the home and away buttons are light blue. It would be more in keeping with other apps if home (in this case) were dark blue.

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Totally agree. I’ve asked for this for over a year and never heard any response. Hopefully more people will add their support and Wyze will do something.

I support this request 100%

I’m Away I’m Home icons

In the app, have the I’m Away and I’m Home icons indicate which mode is active. Maybe change the color, or make the active icon larger.

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Yes!!! And why not? How hard can that be? Even Ring has that. They know who they are, right? This is taking years.