Looking for exterior IR light for inside cameras

I had to take my pan cameras in from my under cover front porch when the temp went up above 116 this summer. I live in Phoenix so these temps are common in summer but the cameras didnt act well. When the cameras are inside my dual pane windows I get terrible reflection from the on-camera lights. I had to turn off the lights to stop the reflection. I have been looking for a “cheap” IR light that I can put outside that will allow my Pan cameras to see in the dark. Has anybody solved this issue.

How far do you need to see?
I’ve pretty good success with Tendelux 120ft IR Illuminator .

It lights up most of my backyard to about 80 feet.

I’ve only had it about a month, but no problems.

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I LOVE that light, it allows me to see everything that is going on in my back yard. ( at least in the area that I care about.

I don’t need to see that far., I found one on Amazon with four LEDs with a 10Meter distance; I think I will try that one.