Looking for a powerbank, with pass-through charging and always-on features

I figured you guys would have more experience with this, my search is coming up with a lot of dead amazon links and discontinued models as the posts I find from google are years old. I am looking for a power bank to plug into my Cam V3, The models I am finding that are still sold are not sold in Canada, and searching amazon for these features is difficult as these features are not listed.

My Wyze Cam v3 is working fine, but the outlet it is plugged into is in series with a light switch, So when I turn my lights off the camera turns off, which I often turn off through habit/muscle memory, I usually keep this light off in the day, when I’m out, or when I turn in at night. I can’t use another outlet as they are either in use for other appliances or they are in a bad spot and won’t be useful for the camera there. I’m basically missing all the hours I want the camera to run. I connected a power bank to this camera thinking it would act as a battery incase I forgot, but it does not have pass-through charging. So while it is plugged in charging it cannot power the camera at the same time.

I’ve done some research and it seems I need both pass through and always-on functionality on a power bank. Pass-through so the power bank can charge while powering the camera. Always-on so the power isn’t interrupted if I flip the switch, some power banks also require you too press a button to restart the charging if power is interrupted. Apparently these features were popular on power banks from 4-6 years ago, but it’s not the same now? My current power bank is less than a year old, is very reputable and middle of the pack in terms of what you can buy, but has neither of these features.

I was just going to tell you you need to make sure the output of the power bank doesn’t glitch if the input voltage drops or comes back up, but it sounds like you already figured that out. The glitch would take the camera offline. So the always-on capability is needed but much rarer, and isn’t talked about much (if at all) in ads. I don’t personally know of a power bank that does it, but would be very interested to hear of one if someone has a recommendation! :slight_smile:


I want to keep an eye on answers to this thread too. If anyone suggests a good option, I might also buy one to try with a V3 and charge it with a big solar panel. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I haven’t actually done it. It is hard to find a good Battery that can do always on and pass-through charging without costing an insane amount.


Yes solar panels at the beginning and end of day can chatter their outputs, so REALLY important to have an ‘always on’ here! :slight_smile:


I want this too as a small DC UPS but apparently it heats up the battery and can be dangerous. It’s been discussed on the forum a bunch of times.

I’ve found RAVPower mentioned many times in my search, but when I go to their product page it redirects me to a different Canadian site that does not sell power banks but instead different types of smart appliances and other wireless products like headphones. Unfortunately I don’t think they sell to Canada.

I confirmed that amazon.ca doesn’t carry RavPower and then followed a random (searched) comment to the Voltaic brand…


I’ve purchased a couple of USB UPS units, but I doubt either has the capacity you are looking for. The first one has only 2600mAh capacity (and has an annoying short captive USB-A to micro USB cable). The second one has a USB-A male to female cable that allows it to be used with a devices original cable, but even it only touts 3000mAh capacity.

I discussed that latest unit here:

…and the earlier unit (now used for my Blink Sync Module) here:

There are larger capacity units, but they tend to cost as much or more as the Wyze camera itself.


I found this but US link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N7ZQ68Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_CKFKBZJ5YFBGQT3QVT85?pldnSite=1

Not currently available in Canada sadly, but might be useful to some of you.

Apparently sold out in the US too:

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Good idea with the screenshot! Some poor soul is going to come here in a year or two from now and just find dead amazon links.

It’s a shame it’s out of stock, I’ve been browsing some raspberry pi discussion boards to see if they have any solutions. I’m hoping these communities might have some solutions.

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Thanks @LonnieM , I hadn’t seen that post. (I recall your misgivings about the first, lower powered one.) 12 bucks is cheap but I’m going to wait on your bleeding edge review on this. :slight_smile:

There must be a reason these are so hard to find.

We use the brand ROSS 60000 THE big 1 it will run 1 V3 for 3 days with no issues,then we have a 20 watt fast charger that goes to 9vdc to charge it back up in about 5 hrs,a standard charger would take 11 hrs

I have a RAVPower 32000 mAh power bank as a backup for my Hubitat Elevation hub. If the Hubitat hub loses power, the database can become corrupted, causing my lights, locks, routines, and schedules to flake out. It has been connected in series with the hub for about 6 months. I can verify it supplies voltage while accepting voltage and the hub stays powered when input voltage is lost. I graphed the output with a USB meter. The voltage did not waver a bit when power was removed and reconnected.

Bought mine on Amazon but they had a falling out.


With Amazon, “falling out” typically means “caught bribing customers with free stuff in exchange for positive reviews”. It’s up to each of us to decide how much that matters. There have been some very nice manufacturers banned over the last couple of years. It’s a pity.

Edit: the specs on the linked model don’t mention pass through?


I have a few of there power banks,there all-new series thatwill charge back up with hi power 5,9,12 vdc in out,it will charge my Samsung to full in 1.2 hrs at 9vdc

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The RAVPower mentions it on their blog and why they provide the feature, the ZMI one mentions it on the amazon page.

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Thank you. I guess this is the entry you’re talking about, from 3 years ago. They do warn about overheating and specifically mention 3 models.


Couldn’t you replace that light with a Wyze bulb and just leave that switch on all the time?

I have tried smart bulbs in the past, and I don’t really get the appeal of remotely turning the bulb on and off. Most my switches are by entries/exits so when I walk by them I can turn them on/off without even thinking about it. Don’t need to fiddle with my phone and don’t need to fiddle with an app.