Landscape mode for iPad users ... ever?

Hate to bring this up again, but … due to a physical disability, it’s exceedingly difficult for me to pivot my iPad 90° every single time I launch the app (iOS). I’m guessing that other iPad owners who use the app can relate. I’d sincerely appreciate an official reply from someone at Wyze (even if the answer is “no, never!”) as to whether there will ever be support, throughout the app, for landscape mode on an iPad. It was surprising, actually, that it wasn’t already there out of the gate. Of the dozens of apps I have installed, I think it’s the ONLY one that doesn’t support both portrait and landscape. As an example of how important this is to people … when the SiriusXM app was updated earlier this year and landscape mode mysteriously disappeared, there was, rightfully, outrage in the SiriusXM community (and App Store ratings) … their developers restored landscape mode in a subsequent update. Note that other than the landscape issue, I absolutely love the Wyze app and the 9 cameras I’ve purchased. Thanks.


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