Kids will be kids

Yes you woke me up from my nap, which I am not to mad at. I am mad that you ran through the grass seed that I laid down just today!

Follow-up: showed wife the video when she got home, and we drove to the nearby park, found the dude and she re-educated the youngin that he picked the wrong house :slight_smile:

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something tells me he was quite confused on how his ruse was discovered. lol

He was told he was caught on our cameras. I should of left as saying “not so much a Wyze guy now eh??” Lol

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How do you get the camera to auto record for 30 seconds?

I have sd cards in my cams that are set to continous recording and after I got the 12 sec event notif, I reviewed back coverage and manually saved the 30ish second clip to include the bus (which was outside my detection area) and the kids run up.

My set detection area is the lower left quadrant.

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