Keeps a lickin' keeps on

Just my input from my testing of Wyze Cam first edition with firmware. So I have this cam on the roof outside using a 10’ USB extension cord plugging into the wall outlet inside the house. This Wyze Cam has a silicon rubber protective cover over it. Only the lens side is exposed. I live in South Dakota and this can has gone through the worst of conditions and has withstood it all. From torrential rains, hot summer nights of 90° with high humidity to the sub zero temperatures the other day of -35°!! It has been buried in snow and it keeps going. Just a praise of quality to the Wyze crew.


incredible! I wanna see a shot of the cover you are using :sunglasses:

Very nice to hear! Love my little Wyzeguys!

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I just created a new post because I was unsure how to navigate this forum until now. My new post has a picture taken from my cam today under a foot of snow!

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Xiaomi actually, but love the Wyze business model of passing along good value and creating innovation on top of these cameras.