It's time for Wyze to support RTSP (full integration)!

I have to agree with everyone. RTSP should be in main firmware.


Personally, I don’t have a need for RTSP, but would be nice they simply expose the native video stream (which I suspect is mjpeg) for user-side processing like, convert it RTSP or a host of other things.

That very likely takes minimal effort compared to merging its existing RTSP code to the main firmware.


I feel like they just ‘say’ they are working on it , to keep us happy. I am pretty sure it would take little effort to put out a rtsp firmware for cam 3 , with the usual, disclaimer that they won’t support, etc

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ARGH!!! I had RTSP working over a year ago…i honestly forgot that it wasn’t part of the build and now I ‘upgrade’ to the latest firmware for my V2 and BAM! no RTSP?!? Seriously? In all of this time Wyze hasn’t added it yet? Rediculous.

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everyone please be sure to vote at the top of this page. maybe it will help wyze decide to publish the firmware for v3

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I voted. However, I truly dislike the title of the thread as it implies some sort of obligation exists for Wyze to provide a hack that completely eliminates the need to subscribe to their online services. They have no such obligation; all the RTSP firmware hacks to date have been provided free of charge.

Please don’t argue that RTSP is an open standard; go ahead and program it yourself, then post the link here.

I’ll gladly contribute to their coffee fund if Wyze needed a bit of compensation for the effort that, frankly, I could not even begin to do myself.

So, if anyone from the Wyze RTSP team is reading this, please accept my thanks for the original RTSP firmware that is running my cams (quite nicely) and let me know how I may buy your beer for the v3 RTSP.


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I agree. They have no obligation to do so. They will increase their favorability for other products for a few of us though. I would pay a few bucks for it, as now the V3 is not useful for me at all. I mistakenly bought the V3 thinking that it would have the rtsp firmware so that is my problem. I would have never bought it had I knew. It was my poor investigation.


I sorta agree as well. As much as I would like RTSP full integrated the topic name put me off looking at this thread.

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I have asked the original poster to change name of topic if that helps. anything to get rtsp on this V3…

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I created the title for this thread.

I agree with you that Wyze never promised us RTSP and they are not obligated to deliver it to us.

Wyze has tried to differentiate themselves from other companies by seemingly having a close relationship with their users and listening to user feedback. Lots of people have been asking for RTSP for a long time so I claim that if Wyze is really listening to users and valuing their input, then RTSP should be implemented.

Home automation is all about integration. We can’t integrate systems, like Wyze cameras, that don’t support the protocols needed for integration, like RTSP. My point in the post that started this thread is that when Wyze wants to be more than a novelty, they need to support RTSP. Anyone more than a casual user of Wyze cameras will invariably want to record 24x7 in a central location.

You’re right they didn’t promise RTSP, but they did promise they would listen to our feature requests.

Wyze has changed. I’m not sure what their end-game is, but I suspect they want to be acquired by Amazon or a large company wanting to get into the IoT space. My guess is they have advisors telling them to widen their portfolio of products to increase their valuation.

It feels to me like they are browsing through every sketchy electronics factory in Wuhan and slapping the Wyze label on anything that looks mildly interesting. I’m sure we’ll see a Wyze toilet paper holder that alerts you when you’re running low within the next six months!

What’s sad is that they built a community around their focus on the users. They have drifted away from this when they realized the company they built could be worth a lot of money if they sold it. I think there is a high probability that many of the products they’ve sold will be orphaned once the back-end servers are shutdown and the products are abandoned.



I agree they seem to be just trying to increase their portfolio of products and much less interested in developing long term customers


here for any updates regarding RTSP.

i also purchased a v3 expecting it to include the beta feature from the v2.
this is a lovely function on my v2 that adds a fallback to the existing wyze cloud service

disappointed, but hopeful it will become a default feature in the coming days…


Hoping to see RTSP, HLS, or MPEG-DASH soon.


This is a MUST in my opinion. I would REALLY like to see Blur Iris integration. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


they don’t want to do this, as it ‘could’ reduce the sales of the monthly subscriptions. I am sure it could be done easily, and they “say” they are working on it, but I have doubts it will ever happen. Too bad, as the camera seems pretty good, but I can’t use it without rtsp


We can’t be sure if they want or not. I think as a company they’ re growing pretty fast and there could be some internal struggle.
I was very surprised they decided to even considering the idea of that RTSP firmware and maybe now they are trying different strategies.
I sadly saw a very timid response from the community and most people actually complaining instead of being supportive. I don’t think enough user understand how revolutionary is the concept of a 20 bucks cam with SD card local saving, a cloud service on US servers, “hardware” movement recognition AND RTSP local stream from an US company.
I’m pretty sure I’m missing something about Wyze people lol.
There is definitely some China in the company and I’m not sure exactly who produce their hardware.
and they have more products than employees…
They are selling very decent hardware at an incredible low cost and now they are pushing out so many different products and see what stick. (?)
The app is nowhere near their ambition nor potential and they decided to not open their API at least for now.
I’m sure they have their own strategy and they are doing somethings much better and some things much worse than a lot of different similar companies.
Their community strategies are pretty poor (a bet everybody in San Francisco believe to be the best internet expert ever lived) and they don’t seem to care about developers at all (and that is pretty common).

Whilst it sounds like a marvelous and reasonable idea/request. How do you expect them to stay in business afterwards? I mean they NEED the revenue from subscritions services to stay profitable.

If you take that away, which having RTSP would surely do, then what? Do you want to see them bankrupt in a year?

Or are you willing to pay a license fee per year for RTSP?

Or how about doubling the camera price?

Its not going to be “free”, choose how you prefer to support them.

Personally, I think this is the same as my TV receiver (Tablo). Its grabbing “free” signals out of the air, and I subscribe to their TV Listing service. Just a couple of bucks per month. But the revenue stream keeps them in the black. I dont really need the TV guide, but its a reasonable compromise.

So I would be happy to do the same with Wyze.

How about you?

I’ll just say that they ‘said’ they would, so that’s a good enough reason for me…If you say you are 'working on" the firmware and expect to release it, then I think we can expect them to do it. What about you?

I would pay double the camera price if was designed that way to support both RTSP & Wyze App.

I wish they had 2 Apps one for just cameras and HMS - So basically a Wyze App for security purposes, and another for all the other products - a Wyze App for SmartHome stuff.
Myself I only own their cameras, Don’t think HMS is good enough and have a REAL security system with monitoring.

1 Pan Cam
7 V2 Cams
16 V3 Cams

I would still pay the small amount of money for the cameras to have CamPlus and having RTSP working concurrently would give me more abilities on my camera system.


Nobody in management is going to sign off on releasing this without at least considering the impact on their revenue. I have seen it before with other Tech companies, Some Tech Weenie blurts out “sure, we can do that” only to be overruled by management. Assuming you realise the economic impact this would have on them, what would you be willing to pay for it? Post it here so they can see it. I think chances are they are holding back on releasing this until they figure out how to cover its cost.