Issues with Wyze Vacuum

The initial experience with setup and the first vacuum was promising, but now it has developed a few issues that make it unusable.

First, the vacuum runs into its own charging station, which knocks that station so cockeyed that the vacuum will be unable to dock with it on return. Is there some way to anchor that station so it can’t be moved around by the vacuum?

Second, the vacuum is a sort of bull-in-a-china-shop in that it tried to run over baseboards and lamp stands. I came home on night and found it had stalled after one hour while having gotten itself stranded on top of a 2 inch tall, rather heavy lamp stand. I thought the thing was supposed to map a room and avoid obstacles rather than try to run over them or push them around. I actually watched the vacuum push this heavy lamp across the floor rather than go around it.

Third, the vacuum is fully charged based on the indicator in the app, but it will not stay on a cleaning cycle without trying to return to the charging dock after a couple of minutes.

Please contact me ASAP as I am getting no use from the vacuum and did not expect to have such a learning curve to get it up and going. Thank you.

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Hi @patriot1789 and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
We are volunteers here and will do our best to help each other out.

Last weekend there was a new app released for Android and iOS.
An hour ago there was a new F/W release for the Vacuum. Check it out and see if this gets rid of at lease some of the troubles.

@patriot1789 did you happen to not remove the the little rubber pads holding the front bumper in place? They are little white things on opposite sides of the vacuum. I know when I got mine it wasn’t very clear to remove them. My vacuum turns at the lightest little tap, so I’m not sure how it would be pushing a heavy lamp around.

Rubber pads? Do you mean the two white things at 10 and 2?

Yeah those are what I was talking about. Sorry was replying at work and only had a min or 2 to write that.