Is there a database of reliable SD cards?

It seems there are many reports of different SD cards working/not working.
Is there any thread/central database?
My SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 seems to work for time lapse in my Wyze Pan cam, but occasionally stops and I need to reset the machine.

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I use the Samsung EVO’s and have not had any issues.

But what size? They go up to 512 GB in EVO plus, and 256GB in EVO.

Their is a somewhat useful poll on this subject posted at:


Sizes supported by Wyze is 32. But I’ve heard someone having a 128 and it working fine.

Ignorant of the existence of “endurance” cards. Cards designed for continuous recording, multiple rewriting. So ordered couple Sandisk Ultra 32GB cards. So far, no issue. But concern they will fail sooner than later. Plan is to replace with either the Samsung or Sandisk “endurance” type of card. Cams are set at event only recording. 32GB cards. As of today 0.5 to 1 GB per day average storage use. For my specific use the 32 GB cards are large enough.


Thanks, that’s about what I was looking for.

I don’t think 32GB or smaller cards will pose an issue. You mileage may vary over that, tho. I use 2 different types of 32 GB cards, and they both work fine. A Samsung 32GB 95MB/s (U1) MicroSD EVO Select Memory Card, and a Kingston Canvas Select 32GB microSDHC Class 10 microSD Memory Card

I ordered my SD cards along with the cameras and only one of the SD cards works properly. I think there’s an issue with getting it formatted in a compatible format.

Currently, Sandisk does not make a card that is designed for extended video monitoring. Their warranty even states that using any of their cards for video monitoring or security camera will void it. There are only a few manufacturers that make cards that can take the abuse that these systems require.

The manufacture of micro SD cards that I use for everything is Transcend. I use their High Endurance microSDXC cards. (TS32GUSDHC10V) these are designed for security cameras and dash cams.

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Sandisk High Endurance Video Monitor cards. Website notes designed for dash cams and home monitoring systems. 32 & 64GB available.

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