Is it possible to sort devices and groups on Home screen?

Is it possible to sort the devices and groups on the “Home” screen? I don’t need my Wyze scale at the top of the list and would like to sort the groups in order of priority. Thanks.


I can only answer about cameras, but I assume it is the same for other device types.
On the home screen, click the pencil in the upper right corner, and then select Edit Devices. That will list all your devices in the current order. On the right end of each entry is a pair of horizontal lines (sort of like a long equals sign). Put your finger on the long equals sign and drag it up or down to where you want it. When you have the devices in the desired order select “Done” in the upper right corner (not the return arrow in the upper left corner - or else it won’t save the changes).


Just what I needed. Thanks!