iOS App will not open

I’m also having the problem with IOS. Wyze app no longer opens. The APP stopped connecting. After a while I get a message that Internet appears to be Offline. Any suggestions?

If your device loses connectivity with the Internet, the app will not open. You will get a message that the Internet appears to be offline.

So is this a phone, or a tablet? Can you access a web page like Google using your browser? If it’s a phone, are you on cellular or WiFi? Your WiFi or someone else’s? There are many possible causes, & these details will help narrow the solution down.

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If you do not have good internet connectivity (eg. can’t pull up websites in Safari), then you will need to address that. It is beyond the scope of a Wyze issue. Perhaps contact Apple Support.

If you do have good internet (can connect to websites in Safari), then I would suggest two things:

  1. If you are using cellular (eg. LTE) for internet, open Settings, pull down and enter Wyze in the search box. Tap the Wyze app and check that the switch for Cellular Data is turn ON. With that switch off, the Wyze app is prevented from accessing the internet unless your phone is on wifi.

  2. If #1 doesn’t solve it, then I would suggest deleting and re-downloading the Wyze app from the App Store. Don’t worry, you won’t lose all your Wyze settings, as these are stored on the server.

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