iOS App V1.4.56 & Android App V1.4.43 released to the public!

Hi all,
Happy Friday! We released our official Apps for iOS V1.4.56 and Android V1.4.43 to the public.

The changes in iOS V1.4.56 include:

  • Fixed a bug that alert video from older days popped out after deleting the last alert video from today
  • Fixed a bug that users couldn’t view live feed when enabling VoiceOver in Accessibility
  • Other bug fixes

The changes in Android V1.4.43 include:

  • Fixed a bug that camera settings weren’t saved correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty alert video list
  • Fixed an issue that caused refresh list error
  • Other bug fixes

Known bug in Android V1.4.43

  • App gives “Network timed out” error when successfully resetting Wyzecam Pan position