Instacart delivery fail



Hey bags cost money. Tip him 5 cents and he can buy one for the next customer.

Kidding - always tip well. But feel free to rate your experience accordingly.

This must be in one of those states.
Bags don’t cost any money anywhere in my state. I’d never even heard of anywhere charging money for bags until I was on vacation in California and went to Walmart and they charged me for every single bag for my groceries…I was totally confused. I had no idea they did that anywhere. I guess some places must require it by law, because Walmart doesn’t charge for bags where I live.

Sooo…I am guessing that for these instacart deliveries that you’d theoretically have to pre-pay for the cost of grocery bags if you want them used, otherwise it comes out of the delivery guy’s pocket if the person isn’t tipping.

I’d still pay for the bags myself anyway, it’s more convenient and even a single small tip for doing it would make up for all the other times it ever came out of my own pocket, ya know?

WOW!! I hope you rated his delivery fail accordingly??

I’ve had a few delivery clunkers from instacart but nothing like that!! LOL

I bought my Wyze because I had a grocery delivery fail and had no proof.

That is the reason why I bought more cameras (I had 1 at the time), all because of my messed up deliveries from Instacart and my a-hole UPS delivery guy!! :smile:

Wow is that your first instacart delivery?
I’ve had a lot of the instacart deliveries from Kroger and I’ve been pretty well satisfied with every one

A sticker on your door alerting all coming up that they’re being recorded works really well too.

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I have multiple signs up, I’ve even had people wave/smile at the camera(s)!