Indoor AQI not graphing

Just thought I’d give an update on my 3:

I did get 3 dots today on one of my air purifiers using the new firmware (1.0.6)

Another one had 0 dots, and the 3rd one was offline (I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it was still offline…this is the first connectivity issue I have experienced with any of them, but it is still running manually really well). All 3 are running the beta firmware 1.0.6

So nothing has been fixed yet then. Wyze has had well over a month to fix it and nothing. But again, how did they not experience this issue during their testing prior to shipping? Personally I think they knew about it and shipped the purifiers out anyway.

From the last Fix it Friday update.

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I can see the rationale for not needing a dot when it detects the air quality is good. I am glad Wyze is still going to start adding them in now anyway. I do like to see a confirmation either way. This will be a great update thanks to the Fix-It Friday event.

Update: After 22 days of no data points, I decided to reset my Air Purifier and re-add via the app. It worked. It’s been data point logging and graphing for the past 7 hours. Will keep an eye on it.


The problem with this is that Wzye’s advertising picture of the graph shows dots every hour, even with a very low AQI. So either Wyze is falsely advertising the product or that update info just isn’t true.

That’s interesting because I just checked the app and today I have 3 dots on the graph 9am, 11am and 12pm. And they’re all on the bottom line so the AQI is probably Zero or 1. But again, Wyze’s own advertising picture of the graph shows dots every hour, no matter what the AQI is. And I believe that was how the software was supposed to work only Wyze screwed it up and it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried the latest beta firmware (1.0.9) but still no changes. When is the ETA for this being fixed?

So if Wyze never intended for the AQI to show dots on the graph hourly, then why do they have an advertising picture showing dots every hour? This is false advertising!

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What is AQI?

Air Quality Index, it’s what the number shown on the display is. It’s a standard of measurement of particulates in the air and also shown on weather Apps. Anything 50 and below is good.

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The graph was updated around 12 am, 1 am. and 9 am.

Hopefully an app update will correct the sporadic updating.

My outdoor AQI was pretty bad yesterday. Every time I opened my back door, the Air Purifier would kick on every single time and the AQI on it would shoot up. I would cough when I went outside, stuff was really getting to me. The Air Purifier would clear the air though, and inside I was not coughing.
Interestingly, that particular unit had an AQI dot almost every hour. As you can see I took this screenshot around 10pm, and it logged 17 dots/measurements out of 21 completed hours. So there were only 4 hours it didn’t place a dot yesterday:

I believe those 4 times it didn’t place a dot was because nobody went outside (yes I was going in and out all night long to restart our pool vacuum and do some stuff in my backyard), and so the unit stayed on low fan setting with low AQI for the whole hour.

I had one unit that only had 1 single dot that same day because it sits in my toddler’s room and keeps her room clean, plus it sits on sleep mode (low fan) most of the time.

My 3rd unit had SOME AQI dots, but it seemed to also only be related to when the AQI went up enough to cause it to change to higher fan speeds and then a new dot was reported. I also witnessed dots changing position during the hour if the average AQI changed before the hour ended.

All in all, having some with almost no dots, and just having one with nearly full dots, I have noticed that it most likely logs dots for me if I have it set on auto, and if the AQI gets high enough that it has to change fan speeds. In those conditions, it almost always logs a dot, especially if the AQI is fluctuating or higher for more than just a brief moment before clearing.

I think it mostly ignores logging a dot when the fan speeds stays on low and the AQI stays fairly low for at least most of the hour. But I can definitely confirm that it will log dots almost every hour if there is a reason for it to do so. And no, that unit doesn’t always log lots of dots, it just did that many yesterday because the air was actually bad in my house when we opened the door. It did a great job of clearing the air so I wasn’t coughing (I am very allergic to Weed pollen and coughed outside a lot, but was totally fine indoors.

I do still look forward to Wyze officially updating the firmware to log AQI even when the fan speed and AQI are on low (I would love to see every hour marked like they said they are working on), but it was nice to have a day of near-constant bad AQI so I could indeed verify how well it is really is working. :+1:


Awesome, thanks for the info as always Carver

Question , as someone who has never had an air purifier what can one expect ?

I recently started to experience symptoms of allergies and I also have 2 dogs .

Have you noticed better air quality in your house since using the units ? And can they really help as much with filtering out allergens and etc ?


I actually paid attention yesterday, all day and it was a huge difference for me. Like I said, I would be coughing outside from the bad air and allergies (I don’t have a cold at the moment), and if I stayed in that room at first while the AQI was higher I would still be coughing a little. Once the Air Purifier did it’s thing, I didn’t cough at all in that room. It was really interesting!

The other time I notice a big difference is when I keep one near the diaper pail. If I leave the AP on a higher setting, I don’t smell anything bad in the room, but there are other times it smells pretty bad if the AP wasn’t on. Same with having one near cat litter.

Most of the time in my house, the AQI is really low, so I rarely have a chance to notice a difference. That’s a good thing…but yesterday, I definitely noticed a distinct and unmistakeable difference between before and after the AP clearing the air…and that was with a filter that just barely had it’s life cycle status switched to remind me to replace it because it’s been used a lot. I am sure it does even better with a fresh filter.

If you want actual numbers of what a difference it makes, Seapup has been doing real measurements with official equipment to track the life cycle of the filters and what a difference it makes in air quality. I look forward to his eventual conclusions and whatever he shares with us.

Seriously was impressed with how well it cleaned the pollution and pollen issues yesterday though. :+1: I rarely get a chance to notice that since my air is usually pretty good, so most of the time my AP’s don’t have to do much except sit on low.


One dot. I will try unplugging it. Everything else seems to work fine.

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Currently it is not graphing dots all day, mine did yesterday due to the bad air quality where I am (Utah), right now it only seems to be graphing when the AQI is above 50. They are going to make an update in an upcoming app release to change that so it will graph the entire day regardless of the AQI.

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Since the graph is goes from zero to 500, then it should log a dot at the zero line. But it seriously bothers me that this product doesn’t graph a dot every hour, as their advertising picture shows. Why were they only working on it after the release and the units didn’t already have this functionality? I think Wyze should stop advertising features on their products that they don’t actually have. I haven’t had dots on my graph in days, even though the AQI got up to around 30.

I’ve noticed that unplugging and plugging it back in will cause an initial dot after it’s rebooted. After that I rarely if ever get any dots.

To be fair, Wyze’s example photo wasn’t showing any dots at zero either. So it was just showing what is possible if you keep it somewhere where it needs to work all day.

If anyone else put their Air purifier in a location that continued to have fluctuating high AQI ALL DAY long, they’d also have 24 dots on their graph. :man_shrugging: I had that just a couple of days ago where I live, so I had dots pretty much every hour, so I can confirm it will definitely do this just as their example shows.

Still, I agree that I would still like it to place a dot when the average is close to zero, and Wyze has said they will be making this update because of user feedback for this feature. So they’ve already committed to us that it’s coming, just as we asked…which I am also happy about. :slight_smile:

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