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I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. I just received my sense and am installing it on a back door. I have it working to turn on the garage light when it opens. That works great for letting the dogs out at night. I didnt know if there was a way to limit the light coming on between the hours of 7pm and 1am, that way I am not wasting electricity of the light coming on during the day when I let them out. TIA for your help. Joe.

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As of now, there is no easy way to put “hours” on sensors or motion detectors. WYZE is working on maybe adding that option in future APP releases.

There is a way of doing it, but you have to write your own IFTTT app to use Javascript. But it’s actually not as scary as it sounds, I’m not a programmer, and I had it figured out within about 20 minutes. I didn’t write the javascript for the time window, I saw it in Reddit post.

You write the app using http://platform.ifttt.com. It’s free, if you are writing the app for your own use (i.e. you do not publish it). You set the usual “If this”, “then that” parameters, but there is a window between the two to insert the code.

This is the script I used to turn on my Wemo switch (connected to a light) when motion is detected, but only between 10:00PM (22 hours) and 5:00AM. Don’t worry about the specifics for turning on your device, when you set up your “then that” target, it gives you a list of commands for that target:

var timeOfDay = Meta.currentUserTime.hour()
if (timeOfDay >= 22 || timeOfDay < 5 ) {
// Will Continue as Normal
} else {
// Skip setting scene

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Hi Ron … I know about the method described in Reddit … but as I said, there is no easy way.

You need to write a series of IFTTT calls to pull it off. To most people, the formula looks like Greek so most will want to wait until WYZE makes an easier solution.

Adding Alexa Routine abilities would solve that problem. For my Ring I have it set up so if my Ring detects motion between 11:30pm-5:00am it turns all of my outside lights on them after 5 min it shuts them off. I would love this ability for the Wyze Cameras and Sense sensors.

I have Alexa but am unsure exactly how to set the scene. Is there a way for young to show me how yours is set up?

Sure, just to clarify though… I have my ring doorbell set up to do it. As of right now Wyze does not have Alexa Routine capabilities, so it can’t be done with the Wyze or Sense sensors. I have all of my outside lights on Wemo switches. I’ll post a pick of how I set it up.

Good point gkrynick22! Also, WYZE at this point doesn’t have IFTTT sensor and motion detection “actions” … just “triggers”… so in a “sense,” we are just going to have to wait.

It used to be that a company produced a product … and was only responsible for that product.

Now, everyone expects every product to not only work, but work wirelessly with Android and IOS, IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc, etc. It’s all pretty early for all this dove-tailing to fall into place the minute a product is released.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. However to be fair, they open themselves up to that by providing a forum to discuss wanted features and improvements. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that they do this and it’s part of the reason I bought the Wyze and Sense. It just goes with the territory. I love the camera, in fact I have learned to hate my Ring Doorbell because of it. The way I look at is is I paid for the camera, and I got a great camera. Everything else they offer is a bonus. They don’t owe me anything. I will however say that once they do add Alexa Routine support, I will be buying at least 20 more contact sensors and 2-3 motion sensors. I have a ton of smart plugs, switches and bulbs and could do a lot of cool things with that. If they never expand the Routines, I’ll still buy more cameras in the future because they do exactly what they are supposed to do.