How to move CAM+ subscription to a different cam

I ordered the offer to buy cam+ and get a free cam3, just pay shipping. I got five. So I’m charged for the cam+ service as of 12/01/20 and who knows when the cam3’s will arrive. So I put the cam+ on older cam2s when I got an email from Jimmy, that the cam3 shipping is pushed out. So finally earlier this month January got shipping info and then the cams were delivered. Now how do I take the cam+ off a v2 and put it on a v3 (five times)?

It’s easy to move Cam Plus to another camera.

Under Services you should see Cam Plus. Tap on it, the available paid license should appear under Cam Plus.

Steps to activate/ deactivate cam plus, tap Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit > Available Devices

Tick the box for the desired cam, tap activate. To deactivate a cam, Tick the box for the desired cam, tap activate


Thank you Stop!CU33, I just printed out your instructions and will be moving Cam Plus tomorrow five times.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: