How to make Wyze cameras more conspicuous/intimidating-looking?

Recently I had a discussion with someone who feels security cameras should be conspicuous in order to deter potential threats.

Personally I prefer cameras that work and record without fear of being noticed and tampered with, but I see the merit of a big-and-scary-looking camera.

Has anyone made any sort of housing to make Wyze cameras “appear” bigger and more conspicuous? I would think any dome-type of housing would interfere with night vision etc. This really has nothing to do with weatherproofing.

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I have v3’s outside of my house with spotlights , that can deter people


How about adding fake conspicuous intimidating cameras and letting the Wyze cameras do their surveillance. $21 for four fake cameras might be a good solution for your your situation

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True! I think I might go with this. Although it wouldn’t be as effective during daytime…

Thanks! Do you think dome style fake camera would be more intimidating? Like this one?

Maybe your dome lights, if you’re mounting inside, and maybe my link if you are mounting outside. Either one should get bad people’s attention.


The cams that I have that are visible to anyone approaching are PanV3 cams which are already quite visible. But I also installed IR Spotlights near each of these cams as well. The ones I installed look like a cam also and have a distinctive security look to them. All are out of reach without a ladder. All cams are linked by routines to turn on plugs that power LED Floodlights nearby.


Or how 'bout a sign?


Thanks! I was considering getting IR spotlights so I might get 1 or 2 of these for dark areas in the yard. Do these lights really improve night vision for your Cams?

Actually I bought some video surveillance decal stickers and put them on the windows already, but apparently they’re not visible enough because nobody else in my household noticed them. :expressionless:

I’m also looking into these silicone skins for V3 with spotlights. I’ll try them out and see if they make the V3s look more visible or not.

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The bright areas in the yard used to be dark and my cams are far enough from the road that it wouldn’t illuminate all the way out.

The center cam, the Office Window Cam (V3), is actually indoors shooting thru glass. It has no LED IR emitters on at all. It is only picking up the IR from the two IR Blasters next to the other two cams about 25ft to each side of it.

I would classify these as more Spotlight than Floodlight. They have a very tight field angle. I have two in the back that I need to build a wedge for so I can readjust them for a higher field angle. They point down too much and are washing out the FOV it is so “bright”.


So I added spotlights on the V3s and they certainly look bigger and more conspicuous at night.

The only issue I have is the wires for the spotlight look quite messy. I tried to tie them together but still they don’t look that great.

I tried the silicone skins I ordered but they ended up making the camera look like an unknown blob of blackness, so I think that’s not going to work.

Going to put on the IR spotlight next. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!


I think the new blue V3 would look more conspicuous too.


Did anyone yet suggest painting flames on them? :grimacing:

Maybe an angry shark face.


Maybe something like these?