How do the main brush and side brush work together?

In the process of using Wyze Robot Vacuum, I often encounter the problem of side brush and main brush. As we all know, the side brush and main brush of the Robot Vacuum are an important part of the Robot Vacuum, which is indispensable for cleaning every day.

There is a lot of dog hair on the floor of my house and snacks and garbage for children to eat. I need to clean it regularly every day, which leads to the side brush and the main brush are very dirty. I need to clean it regularly so that the Robot Vacuum can continue to work. Sometimes, the brush will not turn and fall off, which needs to be solved by ourselves.

The accessories of the Robot Vacuum include the main brush and the side brush. The function of the side brush is to provide auxiliary functions for the main brush. Increasing the number of side brushes can increase the cleaning width and the cleaning area.

The function of the side brush of the Robot Vacuum is to sweep the garbage on both sides of the machine, especially in the corner of the wall or floor, to the front of the Robot Vacuum, and then rely on the main brush of the sweeper to sweep the garbage into the dustbin. The purpose of this method is to increase the sweeping width of the Robot Vacuum and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Whenever the side brush becomes very dirty, sometimes the falling hair and some dog hair will wind around the side brush, which leads to the decline of the cleaning ability of the main brush, so I will clean it regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to brush deformation and affect the cleaning effect.

If the brush doesn’t rotate or is easy to fall off, the following methods can be tried to solve the problem:

  1. The side brush is easy to fall off. Check whether the installation is not in place. Re install and check whether the buckle is stuck into the slot.

  2. When the brush does not rotate, the following three situations may occur.

① When the brush is entangled by hair

② Stuck in the gap of battery box cover

③ The side sweeps are entangled

If the above three situations appear in use, you need to clean and brush.

In case of falling off or damage, it needs to be replaced in time.

Usually in the use of the process, also need to put the home wool, string and other easy to roll goods in time, so as not to entangle in.

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