How do I export HD video captured from the camera?

how do I export HD video captured from the camera? about 30 minutes. The video i see on playback is compressed with horrible compression artifacts even though I have it set to record locally at HD. It definitely is not HD not even close. then I see that playback recording at 1x to the phone which takes another 30 minutes except it stops at 12 - 15 minutes making me create pt1, pt 2, etc. Then to upload to my google drive from the phone another 30+ minutes at 1x play speed instead of normal fast file xfer speed. this is way too complicated and time consuming and cumbersome and definitely not democratizing my use of technology. I have cameras to capture events BUT if i cannot RETRIEVE the events reasonably it might as well not have been captured. I have a WD NAS but cannot upload to it? why? RSTP apparently is an option to stream to another platform but I understand that development is abandoned. If I still can, is there a recommended inexpensive aka democratizing technology good RSTP archive server app I can run on one of My PC’s? another offload apparently is to sneakernet the microSD card. OK, accessability is an issue, and so is the file formats. I saw 1 minute video files when I looked. I need 30+ minutes of contiguious video in HD not pt1, pt2, pt3, … pt 29, pt30, pt31 etc. someone said there are apps to bring these together. what are some good ones preferrably free and what would a search term be for this function?

ok, biggest takeaway… help me get to my recorded HD video because thats why I bought the cameras in the first place. not any value if I cant get to my video.

thank you all for your expected brilliant thoughts and experience and helpfulness.

There is a #wishlist item to make managing captured video easier to deal with. I suggest hoping over there and voting for it. Your issue and desire is both valid and not uncommon.

It is cumbersome to access long stretches of video, no doubt. But you hit on how to do it, put the card in a PC.

The folders on the PC are organized by date, then inside those by hour, and inside those are the minute clips. Copy the hours you are interested in, then open the first minute you are interested in using VLC player. VLC will automatically jump to the next minute, and you can fast forward as well.

I’ll leave it to someone else to recommend a good app to concatenate the files with, assuming you still need to do that. I’ve never needed more than a minute or so, and I get those thru the app. Never had to look at a half hour.