How can I return Battery Cam Pro?

Wyze website states “It’s here! Battery Cam Pro can locally record to a microSD card. Never miss a moment and record motion events locally to a microSD card, no subscription required. Enabling this feature impacts battery life.” However, I now have 3 of these and cannot use without a subscription. Although the website CLEARLY states I can record motion without subscription. Need to know how I can return (outside 30 days since it took two months to install). Otherwise, I will let state attorney general deal with the fraudulent statements. Someone please help!


Hello @chris.chambers17 and welcome to the community.

I apologize for the issue with the cameras. To return them you would have to work with support, but you should be able to record to microSD and review the events without a subscription, can you walk me through the problem you are running into?


where at in the app at you trying to review files from? it sound like you are attempting to look at the events ( which for full utilization would require the subscription) versus things recorded to the sd card.

if you are viewing the camera and have recording to the SD card turned on, here is where you access those recordings.