Here's what to do if your devices stop responding through Alexa

Alexa does everything else fine. I’ve uninstalled it and started over but no luck . Nobody has an answer.

Not fully caught up here so this might not help.
In my case, after the wyze unforced security error, I was like you able to control via the app but not via Google home hub.
Not sure how to do this in Alexa but I had to unlink wyze account in Google home and relink it. Of course then I got the fun of completely reconfiguring all the devices into the correct rooms…

Always remember, the S in IOT us for security.

I’ve actually done that already but it did not help. I have like 6 Wyze devices and don’t feel like going through that again.:roll_eyes:

I understand. It’s a bit of a headache
Fortuneatly this fixed my devices.

You are 1 reboot from success.

I guess ill have to start from scratch again. Somehow it still failed last time.

So, every device in my house stopped working because I CHANGED MY WYZE PASSWORD and forgot to update Alexa with the new password (it needs to access the Wyze servers I guess, and uses your Wyze password)

I didn’t associate the Wyze app password change on my phone with the Alexa problem, because I changed the password many hours before I tried to use Alexa again. I’m used to having to reconnect Wyze devices periodically, so I didn’t think much of it at first. I tried rebooting my router, waiting for Alexa to get back online, etc (normal stuff).

Why wouldn’t Alexa just say something like “cannot access your smart device account”? or “Incorrect password to your WYZE account, please update the password in your Alexa app”

Very helpful! Thanks!