Headphones stopping Spotify after a minute of play time

Is anyone else having problems with the headphones not playing a Spotify face song for more than a minute? No matter how I’m using the app the song will stop after a minute. Stitcher and Soundcloud have been continuously in playing without this problem. I am fully updated on a iPhone 12 pro.

I have had the headphones for a couple weeks now and had no issues to date. They are connected to my Pixel 3 XL and my computer at the same time. I can be listening to Spotify from my computer and take a phone call that interrupts Spotify. I have also used the headphones to listen to Spotify on my Pixel 3 XL for a solid 2-3 hours and not experienced any stoppage of Spotify.

There is a new firmware out today (12/7/2020) that you might try (I beta test so it might be a beta firmware, I’m not sure).

Overall, I love these things. They are wonderful. Easy $50.

Unfortunately; no one in my house has an Apple phone so I can’t give you great feedback other than I’m connected to multiple devices and it seems to manage all that very well with no interruptions.


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I have same issue on iOS but not every minute just randomly stopped for no reason.
I checked if Spotify still running and it was but paused. I checked if there is notifications or any interruptions but none.
Just random stopped

I had a similar problem with Spotify in the past with different headphones. Turned out that someone had gotten my account info, and after logging out all devices and resetting my password I had no further problems.

Same here, randomly pauses Spotify (didn’t test other music apps). Returning mine now. Also couldn’t get them to work as a mic for skype work calls.