Headphones Battery - Replaceable?

I see the new headphones are rechargeable, but is the battery replaceable or are these intended to be tossed when they will no longer hold a charge?

Tossed like every other set of rechargeable headphones or earbuds.

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@Tony_R The battery is replaceable but we don’t recommend doing it without professional guidance. The headphones battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 300 full charge cycles. Each full charge cycle gives 20 hours of battery life with noise cancellation on. It should provide plenty of lifetime for normal use.

All batteries are replaceable if you put it that way. :blush:

At heavy use that is less than a two year lifespan… a lot of e-waste… it’s a shame this is the route Wyze chose to take, rather than making it a serviceable item.

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Let me clarify, after 300 full charge cycles, the battery will still retain 80% of its capacity, which is equivalent to a battery life of 16 hours of active noise cancelling nonstop. The lifespan of the battery goes a long way even for heavy use.

The exact reason that I don’t have a printer :slight_smile:

But by not making it a simple procedure you are only adding to the e-waste problem…

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

That sounds light but in reality the headphones will last 5+ years of daily use.
After that time the majority of users wouldn’t replace the batteries no matter how easy it was.
I do take things apart and solder new batteries in but most people buy new devices. Even $1000 cell phones every two years.

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I don’t think that my headphone were going for 20 hours. My headphones will not power on even if fully charged. I sent an email to support. Hopefully i will get a favorable response