Handheld vacuum badge

Was looking around the app and see the badge for the handheld vacuum is not highlighted. When I try to add the badge, this message pops up

Where in the app do I add the handheld vac? It is not on the list in ‘Home’

Since the handheld vacuum does not need the app, this must be a mistake or I spent 10 minutes searching ‘handheld vacuum badge” and other variants with no hits


LOL. Yeah, that’s a pretty big mistake. I see the Cordless Vac says the same thing. You can’t add either to the app, so I don’t know how you would activate that badge, I have both and mine aren’t activated either.

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Agreed 100%. It irks me that I have things but can’t get the badge.

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Need to change this to ‘Badges? We need stinkin’ badges!’

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I am hoping that once the two stores are merged, along with your order history the badges will update.
If not, it should be a simple query to update the DB. if you need a SQL guy call me Wyze.

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