Groups of switches

Couldn’t figure out where to post this so it ended up here.
My question is if I create a group with 3 smart switches in it then create a rule to turn all three switches on and off at the same times do all three switches need to be listed in the rule to turn on?

It looks like the Switch group does not show up in the rules currently so you would have to list them each in the rule. I will let the team know they should allow the Switch group be available in the rules.


Thanks for your reply about the Wyze switch group. That’s kind of what I thought that it’s not included. How will I know when this gets fixed?

Would this be the correct way to do it for now?

That should work!

Check the app update release notes from time to time, I’m sure it will be in there. It shouldn’t effect functionality though, just a minor inconvenience when creating rules

Very Helpful answers guys….Thanks, tlhutch4