Greenbar Does nothing remotely close to finding the correct time stamp?

Had someone break property at my place of residence so checking back from what the notification told me it took me 45 minutes+ to get to the correct time stamp on my video because the green-bar does not work AT ALL in any shape or form to bring me to the correct time in playback. Whatever time I select on the green bar or selected time is irrelevant to where it takes me with the exception that if I rewind it rewinds etc. I can move back and forth but with no accurate stop time. It just jumps all over the place until I get close enough to watch it through to the desired time.

Someone else said something similar to this recently. This is not my experience on the iPhone, is it yours? I see you are using both.

The last person who reported this did not follow up with any specifics so we can narrow down whether this is a bug, or your environment. So tell us something about your situation: On what operating system are you experiencing this? What class of memory card you are using, what type of router you are using (like is it a WRT54G or equivalent 802.11g router), and how old is your device? It should normally only take a few seconds for what you have dialed up to start playing. No way should it take 45 minutes to find what you are looking for.

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@strangenamemedia. This issue has been brought up before on viewing playback. This might help some.

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But it would be REAL helpful to be able to enter a time and jump to it.
There’s probably something to vote for in #wishlist.




For the curious mind, you can search #wishlist and #roadmap easily using these links. Once you limit the search to the category, it is very easy to find what you’re looking for…

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Also please read through How to Use the Wishlist.

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