Green box = Event Recording

If I see a green box, does that mean it starts an event recording? If I set the motion detection slider to 1, does that mean the green box should show up less? I didnt know if they were tied to each other or not.

That’s just motion tagging. You can detect montion without that. The slider is the sensitivity at which the pixel differential detects motion. The less sensitive, the more pixel differentiation has to take place.

I’m trying to adjust the sensitivity and was wondering if I see green box, does that mean I need to keep turning it down or down the sensitivity slider not cooralate with the green box.

That question I am not sure of. @Loki may know more about that.

Sorry, I don’t know either if the green box display is affected by the motion sensitivity slider.

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Ya know, that seems like one of the things that should be in the manual somewhere.

There are a couple #roadmap s that would help @Sptrr99 if they are interested in voting on them.