Google Nest Hub streaming vs RTSP

Hi. Maybe i have missed something, or i’m totally wrong: if either or something similar: please excuse me.

I just visited a firmware page, and i read in one of the updates “Improved Google Nest Hub streaming”.

I’m currently running the Wyze cams on the RTSP firmware branch.

Does the normal branch now also do some kind of streaming, making it possible to stream to a Google Nest? Can i stop using RTSP and pick up the stream a Google Nest can somehow pick up?

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This means the camera can be live streamed to a Google Home device with a screen.
This has Ben a feature for a little while now.

That was what i understand. What i wonder is, whether this uses RTSP. Or, whether the people like me that are on RTSP-software for the RTSP functionality, can expect somewhere in the future RTSP-(kind of)-functionaliteit on non-RTSP-firmware.

I don’t know if Wyze plans to add RTSP as a feature to the main firmware.
There’s lots of different requests for RTSP. Take a look here:

Thanks. But I wonder what protocol is used to stream this in the normal firmware to the Nest. If this is possible, why not to other ‘receivers’…

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