Google Fast Pair for Wyze Buds Pro

When I pre-ordered my Wyze Buds Pro, I was under the impression they were going to support Google Fast Pair with my phone (Google Pixel 3). I remember seeing reviews mention that - see e.g. Wyze Buds Pro review: budget Bluetooth buds worth buying - The Verge. However I’ve never seen it work, I can’t find many mentions of it online, and it’s not included in Wikipedia’s list of devices supporting Google Fast Pair (Fast Pair - Wikipedia). I’m assuming it’s not currently supported. Do the buds have the hardware to support this feature? Would love to see it added.

I have the Wyze Buds (not pro) and have had the fast pair work for me.

Pairing on the Wyze Buds Pro is faster than the fast pair on the Pixel Buds.

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I was also under the impression that the Wyze Buds Pro would do Google Fast Pairing. I have the normal Wyze Buds as well and I can confirm that they in fact do Google Fast Pairing. I reached out to Wyze support on this matter and they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. It is quite disappointing to me.

I look forward to seeing Wyze Bud features make it over to the Pro.

I just got it on mine! So glad they added this.