Furnance has 5 wire, but current thermostat has 4 wire

As you can see I need the c wire adapter according to my wires in the current thermostat. I dont have any extra wires leading to it.
Now my furnance control board, I have 5 wires. (Also two wires for Y) so what do I do with that extra C wire when I connect the C wire adapter?

edit: angle of pic.
you have pic to Tstat

leave current C connected as this goto outside AC unit

if you are not running extra wires from furnace, you have to use C adaptor.

C,Y from the AC leave them alone.

The white & red wires from that separate cable are going to the condenser so just leave them. It looks like you have just 4 wires going to the thermostat. It looks like you would connect the C wire from the adapter to the terminal labeled “com 24v”, it will have 2 wires just like Y.

Thank you this worked!!

Good to hear!