Full Screen mode on Tablet wont show full image

With the latest app, when Live Streaming in full screen mode on my 10" Samsung Tablet I cant see the full image. It starts zoomed in to about 2/3 of the image and I cant zoom it out. It will let me zoom in from here but cant make it show the full captured image. This was working correctly on this tablet with the prior app version. On my phone it works correctly as well.

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Is this the Samsung Galaxy Tab S with a 16:10 aspect ratio? Or is that a newer one with an aspect ratio of 4:3?

When you say full screen, I guess that you mean Landscape view. Anyway, in my case, the only thing that fixed it is by enabling hardware decoder. You can always try and see if it helps. Note that you will get tiny black bars at the top and bottom of the screen (in Landscape) but the picture should be the same either in portrait or landscape orientation (no truncation).

To enable hardware decoder:

From the main screen, click on “My Account” in the lower right corner. Turn on the “Enable Hardware Decoder”.

Hope that helps.


That did it! Thanks for the help.