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I recently purchased a Wyze cam from their online site about a month and a half ago. This camera is still sealed, never been unpacked yet. Two weeks ago, I suddenly received a notification from PayPal for a charge of 3.23 paid to Wyze Lab. After further investigation, I realized this charge was for the Cam Plus subscription. That doesn’t make any sense. I’d call this transaction a FRAUD for breaching their own ToS (that’s if they read it). Please continue reading… perhaps someone from Wyze within this community could enlighten me.

The quoted paragraph below is an excerpt from Wyze Supplemental Terms for the CAM PLUS SERVICES. How do you interpret it? The keyword is: ‘WHEN YOU SET UP….’ And (not when you purchase.)

'Free Trials

When you set up a new Wyze Cam Product in your account, your Wyze Cam Product may be enrolled in a free trial of the Cam Plus Services. Free Trials are intended to allow you to try the Cam Plus Services with your new Wyze Cam Product. Wyze reserves the right, in its discretion, to determine your free trial eligibility and to modify or cancel a free trial or a free trial offer at any time. You may cancel a free trial at any time by following the instructions in the Cancellation section below…’

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I would tend to agree. I’m no lawyer, though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

The automatic conversion, self renewing, monthly trial model shouldn’t even be called a trial IMO. It should be called “First Month Free”.

Additionally, I will again stress the importance of needing a confirmation dialog at checkout that expressly lists the terms of the “Trial” that was added to the cart automatically without the user’s consent.

Lastly, there is a discrepancy in the terminology being used in the Terms as opposed to what is happening in reality. In reality, the Trial starts at the time of “Purchase”, regardless of when the cam is installed or “Set Up”. Whereas the trial should start, according to the Terms and in my opinion, at the time the cam is setup and initially applied to the account.

Wyze definately needs to clean this process up and start making it User Friendly rather than Money Friendly.

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" FTC wants to make it easier for consumers to cancel free trials and subscriptions"

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Trying to figure out what checkout is telling me.
1st I was briefly offered free 90 days of Cam+, but I declined. This was yesterday. Sept 16, 2023.
When using my new camera, OG, and looking for videos I’m offered 14- day trial at bottom of screen, but if I just proceed I get the 30-day free trial offered.
But then it looks like if I request several months it appears to still be free. You can see how they cross out the 2.99 for one month ( free 30 days), but they also cross out 11.96 and it says “total” is $0.00 at checkout.
It also shows a -$11.96 just like it had a -$2.99 when only 1 month had been selected.
If I were only getting the free 30-days or the original free 3 months, I would expect to see a bill here for either $8.97 or $2.99.

At this point it feels as if safest plan is to just try to opt out of all free offers and assume this is just very deceptive marketing.

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What you are seeing is not the same add on subscription when first purchasing a cam.

The screenshot you have provided is accurate in that it is for 4 monthly subscriptions for 4 cams. It is NOT one subscription for one cam for 4 months.

$2.99 x 4 = $11.96. You are getting the first month free on each of those 4 subscriptions for 4 cams so it is $0.00 now and you will be billed $11.96 after the first month for the 4 subscriptions on 4 cams.

You cannot stack free trial periods on a single cam. Once the cam MAC gets registered to a subscription with a free trial, it is one and done.

The free 14 day trial that is linked within the app is a seperate promotion. I am not sure about the auto renewal on that promotion, but I would assume that it follows the rest of the Wyze promotions in that it will automatically convert to a monthly paid subscription at the end of the trial period.

The 90 day free Cam Plus trial is rare. That one is the best deal.

I recently had the same problem Feb 12, 2024!! CERY FRUSTRATED AND WILL BE BUYING A NEW CAMERA SOON, and it WILL NOT BE WYZE!